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Commercial Laundry Machine

Service in 60 Minutes or Less

Commercial Laundry Machine

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1. Use strainers

Any local hardware store will have lint strainers specially designed to fit around the laundry machine hoses. Do not use any household items to achieve the same results. The item will restrict the flow and may fall in to the drain. Then you will have a real mess in your hands. Having a good strainer will greatly reduce the chances of having laundry clogs, back ups and persistent stoppages.

2. Use a degreaser

We normally don’t recommend the use of any chemicals but we are in the presence of a laundry drain line that if clogs up due to a heavy lint stoppage, can cause serious damage to your floors and walls. Just think that a normal laundry load holds about 20 to 25 gallons of water, now imagine that water all over your carpets, hardwood floors and so on. Using a biodegradable degreaser can greatly reduce grease build up inside your laundry line, preventing major laundry stoppages, back ups and clogs.

3. Use Hot water and vinegar

That’s right, periodically (once a month), if you fill up a bucket with hot water, mix in 1 qt. of vinegar and drop it in the drain line using a sizable funnel you can almost achieve the same results as in tip#2. It is a bit more labor intensive but this way you are not using any chemicals to prevent laundry stoppages. Vinegar does a great job of breaking up deposits in your drain lines, to help your washing machine always drain properly.

4. New machine

Beware of that new laundry machine. Lots of laundry back ups come from customers that just bought a new laundry machine. “I don’t understand. It's a brand new laundry machine. How come is backing up and spilling over?” they ask. Well here’s the answer: Laundry machines as the years go by, tend to cycle water out in to the laundry drain at an ever decreasing pace, this way following the drain line reduction in inside diameter caused by lint and scum build up until one day the laundry machine dies out and one purchases a new unit. Now that we have a new machine cycling a full load in a much shorter period of time in to a drain line with a small inside diameter, we will have a partial back up and a large mess on our floor. In this case we recommend that you run a test load first without turning your back to the machine until is done completing the cycle. This is if you don’t want to calls us to do a preventive maintenance before you connect the new laundry machine to you drain line.

If you need laundry back-up services at your home or business, contact Allstar Plumbing. We will give you a free, onsite estimate, and if you like, we can usually get started on the work right away!  We are honored to be considered as your plumbing contractor of choice. Our goals is to have every customer be a happy, satisfied, Allstar Plumbing customer for life.

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Laundry drains will clog, back up and will get persistent stoppages due to a couple factors: Soaps and lint. Lint alone won’t cause back ups because it will flow down the drain freely. The problem is when we add soaps to the mix. Soaps are mostly made out of grease and when mixed with hot water they will tend to melt, go down the drain lines and get stuck to the inside of the drain lines when cold water is release downstream. This grease will now catch every piece of lint that gets mixed with the laundry water causing major laundry drain line back ups and clogs that often times cause large spills in the laundry room creating at times water damage to floors and walls. The good news is that we are here to help. Call us today and Allstar plumbing will have you ready to take care of that load of laundry in no time.


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