Kitchen Sink Stoppage

Is Your Kitchen Sink Clogged? Backed Up? Not Draining? Let Our San Jose Drain Cleaning Crew Come To The Rescue.

Fast response, affordable pricing, and experience is what you can expect when you call our plumbers in San Jose. A clogged, backed up kitchen sink that doesn’t drain seams to happen at the most inconvenient times. Allstar Plumbing in San Jose not only has the most experienced technicians in the local industry, we have the latest equipment necessary to tackle any kitchen sink stoppage, a vast truck stock so we don’t have to lose time buying any run-of-the-mill part necessary to fix your kitchen sink clog. Call us today at 408-282-7020 our drain cleaning crew will get your clogged kitchen sink draining in no time and on budget. Although we love and appreciate your business we like you to save money (in our humble opinion that will keep you coming back) Please visit our “specials” page. There you will find an array of savings that will fit your needs. Please read below about clogged kitchen sink and stoppages and how to avoid them.

How To Avoid Most Kitchen Sink Stoppages In Your San Jose Home Or Business

Overall, San Jose Plumbers probably get more calls to open clogged drains than any other service. The most often clogged drain is the kitchen sink. Kitchen sink stoppages are usually caused by liquid fats, emulsified by warm soapy dishwater and then carried through the drain pipes. As the water gets colder it proceeds down the drain and leaves the fatty deposits along the drain line. A film of grease forms on the pipe wall and so on. Coffee grounds, egg shells, etc add to this accumulation layer until the pipe becomes completely clogged. Not only that, but buildup often makes drain pipes smell awful. Here are some recommendations in order to minimize Kitchen sink clogs and back ups.

  1. If you have a garbage disposer use it sparingly. This means don’t stuff large amounts of food all at once.
  2. When using a garbage disposal, always let sufficient cold water run to carry the particles down and into the main line to prevent buildup in the smaller waste lines
  3. Do not let egg shells, stringy vegetables and potato peals go down the drain they are the number one cause of a clogged kitchen sink and back ups.
  4. When using a dishwasher, wipe your dishes thoroughly before you put them inside the machine. This appliance is a silent cause of kitchen sink back ups.  It uses the same drain line and soap, greases and food left over’s will do the same damage to the kitchen line as if you would wash tem by hand.
  5. Pour excess grease into a tin can, not down the sink drain.
  6. Periodically fill your kitchen sink with hot water mixed with vinegar, pull the plug and let it drain. This coupled with the above tips will help keep your kitchen sink line flowing, clog and back up free.

Our plumbing techniques will get your kitchen sink unclogged in no time.