Plumbing Services San Jose

Are you a homeowner or business owner looking for quality plumbing services in San Jose, California?  Whether you job is large or small, Allstar Plumbing would love the chance to earn your business.  We are a local plumbing company that has built our reputation on quality, fair, and affordable work.  We offer a full range of plumbing services, from minor repairs to full piping and fixtures for new construction. Whether you are facing a burst pipe at midnight, or planning the remodel of your dreams, Allstar Plumbing wants to be your plumbing contractor of choice.  With quality work, clear and transparent estimates, and responsive customer service, we hope to earn and keep your business.

Did you know that a new version of the building code is currently being implemented?  As a plumbing company, we make sure to stay well informed of code and all industry developments.  Not only is complying with the new code essential to protecting your property’s value, but certain items in the new code can actually save you money.  As an example, primer is no longer required on small low-pressure PVC lines.  This change and others like it allow us to save on materials and labor, and pass that savings along to our valued customers. We always strive to have the best possible price for high quality work.  This may not always make us the least expensive plumbing services in the San Jose area, but we know that we offer outstanding value. Wherever our price quote may fall in comparison to our competitors, we are confident that we offer outstanding value for high quality work.

If you anticipate needing plumbing services at your San Jose home or business, contact Allstar Plumbing to discuss your needs and, if desired, obtain a quote for the work.  We are honored to be considered as your plumbing contractor of choice, and we will strive to make you not just a new customer, but a repeat and satisfied customer.