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Bathroom drains like showers and bathtubs are frequently clogged with a mixture of hair and soap scum. The hair itself doesn’t cause a great deal of a problem—when soap isn’t a concern, hair just slides down the drain. But the products we all use in the bathroom sink, shower and tub are loaded with oils, waxes, and other materials that cake-up inside the drain. Hair gets caught in that tacky gunk, and soon enough, the drain is clogged. Your time is valuable and we know that.  Call us today at 408-282-7020 Allstar plumbing in San Jose will have you ready to take a Shower or that relaxing bath in no time.

Helpful Hints To Prevent Bathroom Drain Stoppages, Clogged Shower Drains in your San Jose Home Or Business

Although we love and appreciate your business we like you to save money (in our humble opinion that will keep you coming back). Here we have created a small section of tips on how to avoid some bathtub clogs and shower stoppages in your San Jose Home or Business.


Use Shower and Bathtub strainers. You can find these in any hardware store. The simple use of these devices can save you hundreds of dollars avoiding back ups and stoppages. Just place them on top of the shower or bathtub drain and regularly remove the hair caught in them and throw it into the toilet.


Some bathtubs and showers have built in stoppers that are mostly activated by pressing down with your foot or by using a lever somewhere around the top of the shower or tub. Get a piece of bent wire and carefully “dig in” and pull the hair stuck in there. Make sure you don’t get the wire caught in them by driving it too deep. If this procedure is done regularly it will avoid major blockages, back ups and stoppages.


This next tip can be a little tricky and should only be done in extreme circumstances; proceed at you own risk. Parts may fall apart and turn this maintenance tip in to a sizable plumbing job. Some bathtubs have a plate towards the top of the rim called an overflow plate. Remove the overflow plate on the tub by loosening up the 2 screws that hold it in place, pull up the wire and raise the pop-up assembly to reach the spring or rocker arm. Remove accumulated hair and rinse well. Although this procedure is risky for any untrained person, it will avoid any major back ups and stoppages.


Use chemical cleaners sparingly, especially if you have metal drainpipes in your shower or bathtub. Some chemical cleaners can cause metal pipes to corrode. We do not ever recommend using ANY chemical cleaners.


For good drain pipe maintenance you can periodically fill a bucket with hot water mixed with vinegar (1qt. per every 5 gallons) and pore it down the tub or shower drain. Doing this once of month will decrease the soap accumulation inside the drain lines and decrease the chances of having a tub or shower clog or back up.


Choose your soaps, shampoos, and conditioners with care. Remember the greasier they are the more they will catch hair. Has we explained before the combination of the 2 is what causes 99% of shower and bathtub back ups, clogs, and stoppages.