Gas Piping

Gas Pipe Repair Replacement And Installation In Your San Jose Home Or Business Should Be Taken Seriously.

Handling of gas piping is not as simple as it may seem. Knowledge of plumbing code regarding kitchen gas pipe repair systems, along with knowing local City codes and ordinances is essential for someone to start even thinking about getting in to any gas work. Often people dismiss and disregard these rules and consequently serious accidents happen. Some so called plumbers have misinformed consumers about the necessity of following the basic rules of gas work handling, in order to avoid giving out high job estimates. Unfortunately gas is an explosive fuel, you simply cannot cut corners. Job costs are what they are. Our advice; If you need gas piping services done near me in San Jose, CA, home or business don’t shop solely based on price, seek expertise first. Call us today at 408-912-7787 you’ll be glad you did.

Why Choose Allstar Plumbing As Your Gas installation, Repair or Replacement Specialist.

  1. Allstar is a local licensed and fully insured C-36 San Jose Plumbing contractor.
  2. We are certified polyethylene gas pipe line Socket and Butt Fusion specialists
  3. Before we provide an estimate for a gas piping services, repair, installation or replacement we will pressure test the exiting gas pipe system for integrity. When adding new fixture(s) we will also conduct a gas pipe sizing study in order to determine if the existing and the new gas pipe systems meet code.
  4. We WILL NOT perform any gas pipe line installation or replacement work without proper permitting and inspection by the San Jose, CA, City Officials.
  5. Allstar will provide great value for your money, please consult our “specials” page, there you will find ways where you can save money on your next kitchen gas pipe repair project.

Natural Gas Safety Tips

Natural Gas is a very volatile combustible and is particularly dangerous when is found in confined spaces like: basements, walls, under slabs or any space were it could be contained in a pocket small or large. This is where it is particularly dangerous and when ignited will act as an explosive device.

  1. Prevent dangerous situations: do not try to work on gas yourself always get a qualified gas professional.
  2. Fallow this link for further Natural Gas Safety Tips

Discover different types of gas pipe work we perform in San Jose

New gas lines pipe

We have some of the best qualified technicians you can find in San Jose to install new gas line pipes for your gas stove, fireplace, pool heater, that new barbecue pit you have been thinking about for so long, or any other project you may have a need for.

Gas line Pipe repair

No mater if you need a gas pipeline repaired under ground, under a structure or anywhere else in your home or business we are here to help, just call us today at 408-912-7787 and experience the professional Allstar difference.

Gas leak detection and location

We are specialized and equipped with state of the art electronics to handle just about any gas leak detection situation.

Gas leak repair

Together with our gas leak detection skills comes our vast experience in gas leak repairs. From fixing a small gas leak at your water heater gas valve to repairing multiple gas leaks in a complex commercial gas pipe system we handle it all.

Gas pipe system sizing

We have some of the most experienced gas-plumbing technicians the local San Jose industry has to offer. Our plumbers are trained both in our classroom and on the field in order to correctly size any gas system that is presented to us. Properly sizing a gas system will provide the right amount of gas to every gas fixture guarantying proper operation and safety.

Things To Consider Before You Have: Your Gas Pipes Repaired, Installed, Or Replaced In your San Jose home or business.

  1. The project may take some time because it is labor intensive (specially new gas installations and repairs).
  2. Allow enough time in your schedule, most likely you will be out of gas for a few days.
  3. Gas pipe work requires experienced, licensed, and insured gas technicians.
  4. Gas pipe work may be expensive because is labor intensive (specially new gas installations and repairs).
  5. Do some research; There are lots of gas plumbing materials but only one or two may be legal in your area. Some plumbers will try to use materials that are cheaper or save time on installation but are not aloud by local regulating authorities.
  6. Don’t let anyone convince you that “you really don’t need a permit”, they are only trying to give you a “low ball estimate”. Permitting does cost money and involves lots of time before, during, and after the inspection process, but it is necessary to get the job done correctly and in a safe manner.
  7. Considering doing it yourself? Follow this link Here