Upfront Pricing

Pay By The Job Not The Hour, That Saves You Money!

Allstar Plumbing as proudly lead the way in the implementation of Flat-rate pricing in the local Bay Area market.

Flat-rate is a price a customer pays for a specific service based on the amount of time deemed necessary to perform the service, which remains constant regardless of the actual time a plumber needs to complete the service.

We use Flat-rate manuals that are standard throughout the plumbing service industry and are based on timed studies of the time it takes to perform a specific job.

Flat rate helps provide a uniform pricing menu for Plumbing work and helps establish the worth of the performance of a particular job.

Advantages of upfront pricing:

  1. You always know the price before we start the work
  2. We charge always the same flat rate for a particular job, even if it takes the plumber longer to do the job than the time shown for that job in the flat manual.
  3. The customer does not have to pay more to a technician who takes longer to do a job than the flat rate time.
  4. The customer benefits from the plumber performing the job in less time than the flat rate manual by having the service completed faster.
  5. Absolute guaranteed no risk price.
  6. Customer doesn’t have to watch over the technician to certify that he is being productive