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Toilet Blockage

Service in 60 Minutes or Less

Toilet Blockage

Tips On How To Avoid Most Toilet Clogs

1. Plunger

Often homeowners will have a plunger at hand, most toilet clogs are easy to clear by using it properly. Insert the flange plunger into the toilet drain opening. Press in on the plunger and pull up quickly. This will cause a “vacuum effect” and will pull the obstruction in to the toilet bowl instead of pushing it down the trap causing a harder to clear toilet clog.

2. Small objects

Keep small objects away from the toilet vicinity. Sometimes objects are left on top of toilet tank lid and we will inadvertently drop them in the bowl causing a stoppage later when one flushes the toilet.

3. Water saver toilet

Don’t use toilet tank water level restrictors such as water bottles or other objects to limit the amount of the water in the tank. It may be less water per flush but the toilet is not designed to handle that little flow and consequently will plug up. If the intent is to conserve water we recommend you invest in a good water saver toilet because these have been designed to push solids down the drain with less water.

4. Q-tips

Do not flush Q-tips down the toilet. They can get stuck across the bottom of the toilet and catch solids causing major toilet back ups. One will notice only too late when the toilet seems slow flushing, by then the whole trap system is completely clogged with solids.

5. Dental floss

Do not flush dental floss down the toilet. It will not plug up the toilet but if it comes across any rough surfaces like: iron or cast iron pipe surfaces, that Q-tip, cracks, off-sets it will form a “web” catching everything coming its way causing the hardest clogs and backups to clear

6. Slow flushing

If you notice that your toilet is slow flushing don’t try to flush it again. This may cause the toilet to overflow and you will spill water all over the floor, this can cause severe water damage. If you’re not sure get a bucket and fill it with water (this way you can control the flow) pour it down the toilet bowl and if you see the water level rising go back to tip #1. If nothing works give us a call we will be glad to help.

If you need toilet back-up services at your home or business, contact Allstar Plumbing. We will give you a free, onsite estimate, and if you like, we can usually get started on the work right away!  We are honored to be considered as your plumbing contractor of choice. Our goals is to have every customer be a happy, satisfied, Allstar Plumbing customer for life.

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A toilet stoppage is not only inconvenient but can cause a business to have to close!  A clogged toilet in your personal residence can be problematic and a major problem for the entire family!  Water can overflow causing a large mess.  Your time is valuable and we know that.  Call us today and Allstar plumbing will have you ready to flush in no time.


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