Pipe Leak Repairs

Allstar Plumbing offers reliable and affordable pipe leaks detection in San Jose, CA.  We understand that few things are more stressful to a homeowner than a leak that has not been identified.  There are many warning signs of pipe leaks within your home, from a water heater that never totally stops running to the telltale (and annoying) drip, drip, drip sound.  Too often, the first sign of a leak is on the ceiling of the floor below.  This can manifest as damaged ceiling materials, stains, and even a light fixture full of water.  We will identify the problem and repair plumbing, at a reasonable cost.  If you think you may have a leak, don’t delay and hope for the best.  Protect your plumbing and contact a leak detection contractor such as Allstar Plumbing in San Jose today.

Often, purchasing a home affordably requires making substantial pipe repairs. A full repipe can be a great way to add value but the cost required to hire a specialist can be intimidating.  The good news? If you are opening up or removing walls anyway to perform additional work, that can significantly lower plumbing costs.  At Allstar Plumbing, part of our respectful treatment of our customers’ homes is carefully removing and repairing wall material when the wall needs to be disturbed.  Coordinating with other contractors during a remodel can reduce or even eliminate this pipe. Hiring a repipe specialist may be less expensive than you think.  Don’t let fear of plumbing costs keep you from making that fixer upper house a home. If you are consider purchasing a property that may need plumbing repair in San Jose, CA, contact Allstar Plumbing for a price quote.  Whether minor or major pipe repairs are required, you can be confident that Allstar will perform high quality work for a fair price.