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Service in 60 Minutes or Less


Service in 60 Minutes or Less

New shiny copper pipework

5 Reasons Why You Should Repipe With Copper pipes

Gain Better Water Quality

Repiping with copper will greatly improve your water quality. Galvanized Steel corrosion has in recent times been determined to be a most important concern in water health quality.

Gain Better Water Purity

Old galvanized pipes are rusted on the inside causing water purity to be very poor. Copper pipes smooth interior wall prevent impurities like dirt, minerals, and fungi to hold on to them

Gain Increased Property Value

A copper repipe done by code, permitted and inspected by the city of San Jose, using proper materials can increase your property value.

Gain Better Water Pressure

Old galvanized pipes filled with corrosion reduce water pressure. Repiping with copper will definitely increase you water pressure due to the copper pipe smooth interior.

Gain Appliance Longevity

Eliminating rust particles normally found in old galvanized pipes by repiping with copper will help increase the life of your laundry and washing machines including the life of your water heater.

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What is a Copper Repipe?

A copper repipe is a comprehensive plumbing service that involves replacing your home’s existing water supply pipes with new, high-quality copper piping. Over time, pipes can deteriorate due to corrosion, mineral buildup, or age, leading to leaks, water damage, and decreased water pressure. 

During a copper repipe, experienced plumbers will carefully remove the old piping and install brand-new copper pipes throughout your home’s plumbing system. Copper pipes are renowned for their durability, longevity, and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a reliable and efficient water supply for years to come. 

This extensive process not only enhances your home’s water quality but also increases property value and prevents costly water damage repairs in the future.

Copper Repipe By True Professionals

It is important to get a local specialist to handle all you repipe needs. A local professional that is familiar with local codes and building particularities will save you money now and in the long run.

Copper repipes have been a deep-rooted practice for the past 30 years. Allstar Plumbing is proud to have been in the forefront of those repiping techniques for more than 25 years, providing our customers with the most experienced plumbers in the industry.

When you have a need for a repipe, time is of the essence. Allstar plumbing knows this and provides a turnaround time of completion usually in 3 days depending on building size and number of plumbing fixtures

Complex Copper Repipe

Why Should You Call Allstar for Your Copper Repiping?

  1. Because you will get always the best repipe price for the quality of work and materials.
  2. Because by calling us and mentioning that you found us online we can get you valuable copper repipe discounts for your home or business.
  3. Because you will get fast repipe completion times with minimum disruption to building structure
  4. Because we don’t charge a penny for your copper repipe estimate even on weekends or holidays
  5. Because you will get experienced local licensed, bonded and insured repipe specialists.


You Can Be Sure That With Allstar Plumbing The Work Is 100% Guaranteed! It’s That Simple. Our Guaranty Varies From The Classic 30 Days, To A Lifetime, Depending On The Type Of Job.

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