Does the Big Game Contribute to Big Plumbing Repairs?

Have you heard about the Super Bowl halftime flush? This refers to the belief that a taxing of water systems in major cities results when millions of people flush their toilets during the halftime show. With Super Bowl 50 being held in Santa Clara this year, San Jose and the surrounding areas would be prime candidates for this phenomenon!

Actually, these events cause municipal water usage to spike only around 13 percent, which indicates the rumor mill has overblown the facts. Furthermore, modern plumbing withstands a much higher demand every day between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., as many people are getting ready to go to work.

Yet Super Bowl gatherings do sometimes cause serious and urgent plumbing needs. Most problems don’t stem from increased water usage or from your brash work buddy stuffing inappropriate things (e.g. half eaten chicken wings) down the disposal. The causes are more mundane — general negligence and poor maintenance of drains and appliances. Below are tips to help prevent the need for a plumbing repair next Sunday.

  • Expecting a large gathering? Schedule a local San Jose plumber to do an annual maintenance inspection before the game. The plumbers should check your entire system, including your water heater, disposal, and all toilets. This preemptive work will save you money on repair and prevent annoyances like burst pipes or backed up sinks.
  • Prepare your bathroom. Keep a small wastebasket there so your guests will be less likely to flush inappropriate items down the toilet. Remove small objects that children might throw in the commode. If your plumbing system tends to be problematic, switch to 1-ply toilet paper to use during your gathering. Put up signs indicating your toilet’s limitations so that beer-goggled guests won’t make mistakes that will lead to emergency plumbing calls hours later.
  • Prevent clogging of the kitchen drain by throwing food scraps in the trash and wiping grease off dishes before washing them. Delay kitchen cleanup until later in the evening when the demands on your plumbing will be lower.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

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