One of the most important aspects of any roof’s structural integrity is its draining system. If water can’t be efficiently drained from the rooftop, in time it will accumulate as leaks occur through small cracks. This leads to a buildup of standing water that can cause structural damage to the roof. Eventually the standing water will work its way into the property, ruining interior building materials and causing dangerous mold and mildew to breed. If the storm water is not draining properly you will be facing a time-consuming, tremendously inconvenient, and extremely expensive situation. It is crucial that you contact an experienced plumbing contractor as soon as you notice any large puddles forming on the roof, so you can have the roof drainpipes fixed before it becomes a disastrous situation.

Of course, you can prevent any of this from happening to your home or business by having a solid draining system installed. These drains can be placed strategically on a roof to carry heavy storm water into the drainage sewer. It is imperative that you have your roof storm drain serviced and installed properly.  In most cases, you might just need a routine cleaning service and inspection of your roof drain.  Sometimes your roof drain is simply worn out and needs to be replaced.  Don’t attempt to do this on your own! Serious injuries can occur from working on a roof. Not only that, but roof drains are a specialty niche that is best left up to licensed plumbers.

Be prepared for any kind of weather by installing a storm drain. Allstar Plumbing, the roof storm drain leaders in San Jose, can help you! Let our expert plumbers guide you through the process of determining what solution is best for your roof.  We take great pride in the fact that our team of highly-experienced technicians is trained in all of the latest plumbing methods in order to provide you with fast, and cost-effective solutions. For the highest quality roof storm drain installation and maintenance at a competitive cost, call Allstar Plumbing today!