Need a drain repair expert in San Jose? Allstar Plumbing can help. Drain repair must be done by a professional, licensed, and insured plumbing service company. What’s so difficult about repairing a drain?  The answer is simple: CODE! Plumbing codes include many things to ensure general welfare, public health, and safety. If the drain pipe repair or installation does not comply with the code, there is a serious risk of further damage. In addition, homeowners’ insurance may not cover property damages due to an incorrect plumbing installation method, especially if it was performed by an unlicensed individual.

Drainage issues require careful inspections to determine the actual problem and its location as well. In some cases, there are hidden factors such as old or rotten pipes, improper elevation, tree root infiltration, or settling of the pipes. Underground sewer and drain pipes can also angle off into unexpected locations. Although a drain problem can appear to be simple, a professional plumber will check the entire plumbing system to determine the real cause. They can then address it with a proper method and the appropriate tools.To determine the proper repair methods, professional plumbers have to consider pipe condition, which includes size and type. The most common types used in a modern plumbing drain system are extra heavy cast iron and PVC. Older homes may have vitrified clay, cast iron, galvanized steel, or DWV (drain/waste/vent) pipe.

Each type requires different treatment to repair or replace. It is also important to install a pipe that is large enough to ensure a good flow of water, yet not too large to save cost. A trained professional knows exactly what the plumbing code dictates on any particular situation, what materials to use, the recommended slope, how and what fittings must be used in any particular circumstance, and more. Call us at Allstar Plumbing today for a free estimate or consultation. We don’t charge for travel and we are here for you 24-7